VR Studio 4.2 at Pose Fair 2015

VR Studio Precision Focus

Pose Fair ExclusiveWhile shooting the photos for the 4.0 release of the VR Studio, I wound up crashing right into all of the problems with SL’s Depth of Field. I was so frustrated with this, I decided to go ahead and add some tools to the VR Studio to cope with the main one — getting that darned focus plane exactly where you want it! To my surprise, I wound up making a tool that goes beyond just solving this problem. Of course I couldn’t avoid doing another pass at the whole system making tweaks and enhancements where necessary. I’ve finished just in time to have it ready for Pose Fair 2015. Of course, if you already own a VR Studio, all you have to do to get your update is rez your old posestand somewhere and wear your old HUD. My update server will send you the new version as soon as it’s available.

Also at Pose Fair, you’ll find my new projector light pack. These lights can be used separately, but once installed into a VR Studio Posestand, they’ll be at the ready any time you’re looking for an interesting light to spice up your shot.

Lighting Pack - Geometric