Upgrades for your bum.

The VR Inflatable series has just been updated with some new geometry and a short list of new features:

  • Added sculpted plugs that grow as you inflate. Leaves a little less to the imagination!
  • New valve lock feature prevents the plugs from being deflated by anyone until unlocked (though they can still be inflated)!
  • New Configure Menu
    – Change the color of the rubber.
    – Double plugs now have the option to remove one or both plugs individually… in case you want to use a hole for other purposes 😉
    – Hide the sculped plugs (if you prefer to use your imagination instead).
  • Will preload sounds every time they’re rezzed (instead of only on first wear) so you shouldn’t need to wait to hear your misdeeds.

Sculpted for your pleasure!

If you already own any of the VR Inflatable plugs you’re welcome to stop in for your free update. Just come by and rez or wear your plugs and hit the update button, then rez the updater on the ground. Since this update includes new prim work, your old plugs will be disabled, then replaced by the update server.