VR Posestand Professional 2.1 update

How do I get it?

If you’re already a vr posestand or HUD owner, just come to VR Foundry and…

  • VR Posestand Professional: rez it on the ground, the update server will send you a new posestand boxed!
  • VR Posestand HUD: Just wear it! Note that you actually need to wear it after you arrive. If you come already wearing it the update server won’t get the memo!

Note that if you own both posestand and HUD you need updates for both, since they are stored as separate products in the update server (even if you bought them together).

What’s new?

VR HUD Library
new item included with the VR Posestand HUD
allows you to use pose libraries on the go without rezzing a posestand
behaves almost exactly like the posestand, except you wear it!
automatically links up to the HUD when worn

VR Posestand
now has infinite pose capacity (previously limited to 500)
removed the “blue menu” pose selection method (facilitating infinite inventory)
added menu button to toggle keyboard control features on the posestand
improved process for recognizing set name changes

VR Posestand HUD
HUD will no longer revert its screen position when clicked after being moved
new method for storing set descriptions to allow reconnecting lost libraries to their previous channel
many minor performance tweaks