Fun with plugs.

…just got a little more fun.

The line of inflatable plugs has been around for a long time now, and today they just got a little bit better again! The 1.7 update is out, and brings a list of fun new features which will have you reaching for your plugs again and again, I hope! There are a few more ideas on the rack that I want to add, but for now you’ll just have to settle with this!

  1. Plugs now have 6 different shapes to choose from.
  2. Added vibration and electricity features to make your play time even more exciting!
  3. Menus reorganized and polished to be more usable.
  4. Custom color R/G/B input now uses standard 0-255 values for each color.
  5. Plugs will now inform the keyholder of the valve lock if the plugs are removed illegally.
  6. Plug chat can now be specified to use say (20m radius), whisper (10m radius), or private (only owner and operator see chat).
  7. Plug chat now uses Display Name when applicable.
  8. Volume is now adjustable.
  9. Plugs will properly return to normal size when “fully deflate” is used while the plugs are only lightly inflated.